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Final Update: November 16,  2008  

      Robert C.D. Brow

August 30, 1924 - July 10, 2008

From the Editors:

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to write your reflections and tributes, to the life of Robert Brow.  These have been collected here:  Tributes to Robert C.D. Brow   It has been our special privilege, prior to publishing, to enjoy all his work over the past several years, and to receive these submissions on his behalf.  We have taken the liberty of formatting and trimming some of the content but have endeavored to maintain the essence of what was written. This website will continue to be maintained in order to provide continued access to this work.    This is the Editors of the Model Theology website signing off.


Original Announcement, July 10, 2008..

It is with sadness, and yet with that deep joy that comes from our sure and
certain hope in the resurrection, that we inform you of the death of  the Rev. Robert Brow.

After a full life of love, joy, and faithful service,  Bob passed from this life peacefully and in his sleep early this morning.

Those who have visited this site will know the clear, challenging, life giving teaching he communicated in his writings. 

Thank you to all those who have commented, questioned and challenged Bob's teaching over the years.  Your input was always an encouragement to him.

We would encourage those of you who would like to contribute a reflection on his life or teachings to email it to us.  We will share these with his family and other readers.

Please send these to:


We will do our best to publish them over the coming weeks.  This site will be maintained for the foreseeable future to allow access to all its materials.

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Facts Do Not Save Anyone

Eye for an Eye

Never Despise the Weak

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Tormore School, Upper Deal, Kent

Bible Contradictions: How to Unlock Them

The Fall of Jerusalem

Why Baptism?

Cremation or Burial?

What is the Heart of Religion?

Why Church? Ten Model Images

From Easter to Pentecost: An Outline of Seven Sundays

What is the Heart of Any Religion

Absolution and Forgiveness

My Resurrection Body

Five Husband Woman

How Do We Pray In The Spirit?

How Jesus' Kingdom is Similar and Quite Different from Al-Qaeda

John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Tribalism: A Curse for Any Nation

We All Prayed, But She Was Not Healed

The First Church Planter

Work In A Corrupt Organization

Humility Is Not Groveling

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*New Animal Theology

*New Intelligent Design

Adultery - (not a how to book!) How a marriage is adulterated

Advent  - The many comings of the Lord among the nations

Autobio 2000 - More about the Brows than you care to know

Creative Love - An outline of new model theology

Go Make Learners - The church as a school of the Spirit

God of Many Names - A post-modern approach to religion

Ishmael -  A first person account of Arab origins and genealogy

Living Totally: Without Guilt

Messiah  - A first person account of the Son of God

Model Theology - Models and paradigms. How they work

New Testament Greek Words - How models govern meaning

Parables and Poems - An attempt at using parables for faith

Quitting India- Short stories from the British Raj

Religions Enslave: God Wants Us Free

Religion: Origins and Ideas

Rights and Wrongs

The Church - A charismatic model of the church

The Church in My City - a new book

Unbounded Love - Written jointly with Clark Pinnock

Why Do People Quit Church Going?




Genesis (NEW)




John's Epistles

John's Gospel

Luke's Gospel

Mark's Gospel 

Matthew's Gospel


Romans and the Power of the Spirit



 Many of these books can also be accessed from the National Library of Canada  -General Electronic Collection.

If you would like to Download a book and read it off line, simply CLICK HERE and follow the directions.

"WHAT'S NEW" - (always updated)

WHITSUNDAY John 14:16-17
A prominent Evangelical has resigned from the Canadian Anglican Church. What is your view?
Anglican friends are discussing the blessing of same-sex unions.  What is your opinion?
Do you really believe in Adam and Eve?
I wonder how God can bother with any one of the billions of human beings in our world.

I feel spiritually paralyzed. I cannot see what the Lord wants me to do.

I feel I must leave my church fellowship, but another may have its faults

If Jesus' birth was, as we believe, by immaculate conception, why do we refer to Him as the seed of Jesse, of the line of David?

What makes food kosher?

Is it a sin for a Christian to be tattooed?

What is your take on the current flurry of discussion of evolution as opposed to ID (Intelligent Design) ?

What is your take on the Book of Revelation?
Christianity is not the only way to be moral!
I don't read anything in the Bible telling me that Simon is Martha's husband. You must be guessing, if you are guessing then you should write as such. Bible warns us about adding or taking from the Word


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