by Robert Brow (www.brow.on.ca) Aurora, Ontario June 2008

 At school I was taught history as a series of objective facts. I first
 learned the facts through French eyes in Belgium. Then, at the age of
 nine, I went to an English boarding school. There I discovered that I
 was meant to see them quite differently. So I learned the dates of all
 the kings and queens of England. I also knew the great battles that
 were won: Crecy 1346, Poitiers 1356, Agincourt 1415, Trafalgar 1805,
 Waterloo 1815. These were all triumphs against those terrible

 Very much later I discovered that for Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Zulus,
 and Polynesians, the English facts were of no significance at all.
 Even within a country facts have a different meaning for lords and
 serfs, generals and privates, mine owners and children working
 underground. Women perceive a war differently from their sons and

 In that sense the Old Testament gives us the facts of Jewish religious
 history as seen through patriarchal eyes. In the Gospels we see the
 facts as seen through the mind of the Son of God. And in the Epistles
 Paul describes the way he saw those facts as a result of his

 All these facts are given to us by God for our teaching, correction,
 and training (2 Timothy 3:16). But knowing all the facts set out in
 the Bible does not save us.

 What counts is a direction of faith. We might compare faith to
 pointing a satellite dish in the right direction to receive a choice
 of dozens of television channels. This means that infants, mentally
 persons, and those who never had a chance to hear the good news, can
 have their hearts pointing towards the love of God without ever
 getting the facts right.

 I certainly do not regret 60 years of studying and teaching the great
 facts of the Bible. Since I had the stroke which leaves me unable to
 do much else, I am grateful that I can still enjoy writing for this
 website. But I need to remember that my personal conversation with God
 the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit, is far more
 important than all the facts I may or may not have got right.

 Robert Brow
 e-mail : browr@brow.on.ca
 web site : www.brow.on.ca

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