What is model theology?

Model Theology  is a method of questioning a person's explanation of a personal religion or ideology, and setting out its inner logic. It can be used by people of any religion or no religion. But it should be done with respect and sympathy. If the analysis is successful the other person will accept the resulting explanation and be able to say "Yes, you have expressed exactly the vision which I have in mind." When we construct or offer a model by way of explanation we do not assume we have arrived at a final conclusion. And a model is never a proof that such and such a person's faith, way of life, morality, or goal is exactly like that. What we say is "Let's try looking at it this way." Which leaves our tentative model open to dialogue, correction, or replacement by a better model. In addition to clarifying with sympathy the faith commitment of another person, Model Theology is used to set out variants of our own model, which in our case is Trinitarian Theism. The method is set out in God of Many Names. In Go Make Learners we use Model Theology to set out an alternative explanation of the meaning and purpose of Christian Baptism. Advent-  Coming of the lord of many nations gives an alternative to other models of the Second Coming. The book on Creative Love sets out an explanatory model of God's creative activity. In  Word Thoughts we are interested in the history and explanations of many different kinds of religion and ideology, and in each case try to see how they relate to our own Christian vision.

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