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What is your take on the Book of Revelation?

Answer by Robert Brow (www.brow.on.ca) Kingston, Ontario,   November 2007

What is your take on the Book of Revelation ?

The Book of Revelation is not a blueprint for a sequence of events to occur in the future. The book is about the way Jesus, the Messiah Son of God, keeps intervening in human history.

The first three chapters describe how the Lord deals with the churches that are planted in cities all over the world. The last two chapters give us a vision of the new heaven and earth that awaits us when we die.

In between we see how the Lamb who is the King of kings exercises wrath (bad consequences for unacceptable behavior) among the nations. The fourth chapter is a vision of the reigning King and his retinue. Chapters five to twelve picture the special status of his servants. Then there is description of the evil powers that try to control a city, and the special protection of God’s people by the Lamb.

This makes the Book of Revelation very relevant for us as we see the Son of God dealing with the nations that rebel against him.


Robert Brow

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