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Abiding Vine Branch Friends  
Abortion Do you think every abortion is the murder ... etc. What do you think of those who shoot abortionists?   
Abraham How do we Reign? 1    
Abrahamic Faith Luke Commentary 1:34 Faith, Abraham  
Abused Abused Rape & the Sermon on the Mount  
Acts Acts - Gospel Survey    
Adam and Eve Adam & Eve Half Truths EVOLUTION  
Adoption Messiah I John 1:1-14  
Adultery Adultery: An Exploration of Love & Marriage Matthew Commentary 5:27-30 Adultery & Marriage in Jewish Patriarchy
  John 8:1-11 Rights & Wrongs 7  
Adulterated What Advice would you give to someone who has adulterated a marriage etc... Rights & Wrongs 7  
Advent Advent Comings of the Lord Among the Nations Advent Reign Luke 1:32-35 Matthew Commentary 24
  Model Theology 7 Daniel 9:29-27 Advent
  Advent Light John 14:4-14    
Africa How Do we reign 9    
AIDS Katie died of AIDS    
Akenson, Donald Harmon "Saint Saul: a key to the historical Jesus"    
Akenson, Neil Surpassing Wonder    
All Saints Day Revelation 7:9    
Allah God of Many Names 1 My friend prays to Allah  
Alcohol Moderation & Abstinence    
Alms Giving Secret Devotion    
Alpha God, Sex & Alpha    
Altman, Neil New Light on the Gospels    
Amazement Amazement    
America Good speed, Peter Word Thoughts - America  
Android My Android Helen    
Angels Luke Commentary 1:11 Luke 1:26 Luke 2:13
Angel servants Mark Commentary 8:38    
Anger Rights & Wrongs 6    
Anglicans Anglicans Belly-up Why do Anglicans baptize babies?  
Animals Creative Love 4 Romans 8:18-23  
Anna Luke Commentary 2:36    
Annas John Commentary 18a Luke Commentary 3:2 Luke Commentary 22:54
  Mark 14:53    
Annunciation Luke Commentary 1:26    
Antichrist Word Thoughts Mark 13:21  
Apostasy John 6:1-71    
Apostles Luke Commentary 6:12 The Church in my City - 10  
Apostles Creed The Church in my City - 10    
Aquinas Religion Enslaves 5    
Arabs Ishmael the Arab 1866-1792 BCE Model Theology 8 Arabs & the Bible
  Ruth the Arab Word Thoughts ISLAM
Aryanism Word Thoughts    
Aristarchus Colossians 1    
Arminianism Word Thoughts    
Armistice Day Matthew 22:21    
Armour Ephesians Commentary  6:10-18    
Army Captain Luke Commentary  7:1 Luke Commentary 23:47  
Ascention Ascension    
Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday    
Aslan Religion Enslaves 6    
Assurance What Do I have to do to  be sure I am saved? Assurance John's Epistles G
Atheists How can I persuade my atheist friend?  Religion: Origins & Ideas 8 Creative Love
Atonement Romans Commentary Did Paul Teach Justification? CROSS
  Can you explain why you have changed the traditional doctrine of the atonement? SUBSTITUTION  
Augustus Cesar Luke Commentary 2:1    
Augustine Religion Enslaves  5    
Authority What is your authority ? Luke Commentary 21:1  

Baptism Go Make Learners 2 & 3 Matthew Commentary 28:19-20 Why do Anglicans baptize babies?
  Acts - Gospel Survey Colossians 3 John 3:22-43
  The Church in my City - 9 Religion Enslaves 6  
Baptism of the Spirit The Church in my City - 9    
Baptism of Jesus Baptism of Jesus    
Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)    
Banquet Church Banquet    
Barabbas Mark 15:6    
Barry, Bishop Alfred Colossians Appendix    
Bartimaeus Mark 10:46 Sermons, Mark 10:46-52  
Baseball Ball Game    
Being Hurt Shepherd    
Being Known Shepherd    
Being Walked Over Should we ...?    
Benedictines NORRIS, Kathleen    
Bethany Messiah II Luke Commentary 10:38 Luke Commentary 19:29
  Luke Commentary 24:52 Mark 11:1 Mark 14:3
Bethphage Mark 11:1    
Betrothal Rights & Wrongs  7    
Bible The Bible is Infallible, but for what? On your view we cannot take the commands of Scripture literally ? Do you think  the Bible Inerrant?
Blessings Ephesians Commentary 1.3    
Blind Blindness & Sight Matthew Commentary 23 Luke Commentary 18:35
Blindness John 9:1 - 41    
Blood Seder Supper Ephesians Commentary 1.7  
Bloodstream The Church in my City - 10    
Body Resurrection Luke 24:28-43 etc.    
Boredom Ferrari's Hope    
Born Again John 3:1-21    
Bowen, John Bowen, John    
Bread Fishing Sunday Bread John 6:1-71
Breaking of Bread Luke Commentary 24:30 Luke Commentary 24:35  
Brean, Joseph Life    
Bridesmaids Wise and Foolish - Matthew 25:1-13    
Brow, Robert Home Page Books & Brow Autobio 1 Autobio Appendix A
  Brow Doesn't Exist    
Brussels AutoBio 2    
Buckman, Robert Can we be Good Without God?    
Buddhism Religion : Origins & Ideas 3 God of Many Names 1, 2 Your preference for Christian faith over Buddhism is based not on logic but subjective appreciation ?
Burdened Invitation for the heavy-laden    
Burial Mark 16:1    
Burns, John F. "Hussein's obsession: An empire of mosques"    
Butterfield, Herbert Advent - Comings 6    


Caiaphas John Commentary  18b Luke Commentary 22:58  
Calvin Religion Enslaves 5    
Calvinism Word Thoughts    
Cana John 2:1-13    
Canon Luke Commentary Postscript    
Capernaum Luke Commentary 4:31    
Capon, Robert Farrar The Astonished Heart    
Carey, Archbishop Archbishop Carey and Resurrection    
Carey, Eileen The Bishop and I    
Caring Shepherd    
Carpentry Doubting Thomas    
Carroll, Colleen New Faithful    
Caterpillar Story Resurrection: The Caterpillar Story Funeral Meditation for Kay Mein
Celibacy Adultery: An Exploration Appdx.D    
Census Luke Commentary 2:1    
Centurion Mark 15:39    
CEO The CEO of our corporation The Church in My City - 2  
Certainty God of Many Names Appdx C    
Chaburah Mark 14:12    
Charismatic The Church 6-14 Review of Mark Stibbe Charismatic Hermeneutics Religion   Enslaves  4
Child Mark 9:36    
Child Abuse Mark 9:42    
Children Colossians 6 Luke Commentary 17:1 Ephesians Commentary 6:1-4
Children of God John's Epistles D    
China How do we reign? 8    
Chorazin Luke Commentary 10:12    
Christ Ephesians Commentary 1:1-5    
Christian My daughter says, if I don't accept Jesus into my heart I am not a Christian    
Christmas Christmas Announcement - Luke 1:30-38    
Church The Church : An Organic Picture Go Make Learners 1-3 Why do people Quit Church?
  New Skins  One Church City The Religion Business
  Royal Priesthood Anglicans Belly-up Colossians 5
  Why has Christianity survived? The Church in my City - 10 Acts - Gospel Survey
Church Body The Church in  my City - 4    
Church Discipline Go Make Learners 7 Church Discipline  
Church Diversity Ephesians Commentary 4:7-16    
Church Growth Luke Commentary 8:4 Luke Commentary 10:1  
Church Hierarchy The Church in my City - 4    
Church History Robert Capon's Astonished Heart    
Church Leaders Church Tenants    
Church Meeting Church Meeting    
Church Oneness Ephesians Commentary 4:1-6 The Church in my City - 1  
Church Planting Religion Enslaves  4    
Church Union The Church in my City - 1    
Church & State How so we reign? 10    
Churches How do we reign? 4    
Circle of Friends Friends    
Circumcision Colossians 3 Luke Commentary 1:57 Luke Commentary 2:21
Clark, Dennis Dennis Clark, - Missionary Businessman, a review of his life    
Cleopas Luke Commentary 24:18    
Clouds of Heaven Mark 9:7 Mark 13:24  
Cobb, John (jr.) Searching for an Adequate God    
Coming Coming in AD 70 John 2:1-14 John's Epistles C
  Jesus' Coming    
Coming, Messiah Mark 13 - note    
Comings Advent: Comings of the Lord Among the Nations Mark 13 Messiah 17
Common Word Thoughts    
Common Law Adultery :An Exploration of Love and Marriage Appdx. C Word Thoughts Rights & Wrongs 7
Communion The Church in  my City - 8    
Communion, Bread Mark 14:22    
Communion, Holy Church Discipline Religion Enslaves  6  
Communion Service Go Make Learners 7 Do you believe in the real presence of the Lord ....?  
Communion, Wine Mark 14:23    
Comparative Religion Religion : Origins & Ideas God of Many Names  
Compassion Compassion Luke 6:36-39    
Conscience Living Totally :Without Guilt 3 Rights & Wrongs Intro  
Cornerstone Mark 12:1    
Cotton, Dorothy Cotton, Dorothy    
Courage Inspiration for Donata    
Coveting Rights & Wrongs 10    
Creative Love Theism Model Theology 2 How does Creative Love Theism relate to Predestination? Creative Love
Creeds & Confessions Model Theology    
Crete Colossians 1    
Crime Put him in the Stocks    
Cross Bearing Luke Commentary 14:27 Luke Commentary 23:26  
Cross, Carried Mark 15:21    
Cross, Jesus Death When did Jesus sufferings begin?    
Cross & Passover Model Theology 6    
Cross, Taking up Matthew Commentary 16:24-26 Cross Taking - Mark 8:34-35  
Cross, Three Predictions Mark Commentary 8:31-33    
Cross, way of Cross Taking   Mark 8:34-35    
Crucifixion Luke Commentary 24:6    
Crucifixion, Predictions Mark 9:30 Mark 10:3  
Crucifixion, Timing Mark 15:25    
Culture Morality and Culture    


Dallas, Willard The Devine Conspiracy    
Damnation Hell Fire and Damnation    
Daniel Daniel 9:20-27    
Darkness at Noon Mark 15:33    
Day of Preparation Mark 14:12 Mark 15:42  
Day of the Lord Mark 13 Luke Commentary 17:22 Luke Commentary 26
Dead Raised Luke Commentary  7:13    
Dead, Spiritually Colossians 3    
Death Death Christmas Meditation Was death the result of the fall?
  Religion Enslaves  6    
Death, Spiritual Ephesians Commentary 2.1-10    
Deceivers John's Epistles  2 John    
Decisions, Making a Does Creative Love Theism deny the need for a decision for Christ?    
Demon Possession Matthew Commentary 10:8 Matthew Commentary 12:22-32 See EXORCISM
Denominations God of Many Names One Church City The Religion Business
  Colossians 5 What is the right denomination for me to join? The Church in my City - 5
Depression Depression, an Ancient Cure Invitation for the heavy-laden Depression has taken over my life.
Detective Stories Sherlock Holmes    
Devil Satan Messiah 4  
Diotrephes John's Epistles 3 John    
Disciples Go Make Learners 2,3 Matthew Commentary 10 Matthew Commentary 28:19, 20
Dispensationalism Word Thoughts    
Divisive Luke Commentary  12:49    
Divorce Adultery: An Exploration 4 Matthew Commentary 5:31-32 What do you think about divorce?
  Luke comment 16:18 Religion Enslaves  6 Mark 10:2
Donkey Mark 11:7    
Doubt Doubting Thomas    


Easter Easter see   RESURRECTION Eight Sundays from Easter
Eating Feeding the 5,000 Matthew Commentary 9:10-16 Religion Enslaves 6
  The Church in my City - 8 Matthew 26:17-26 - see Sermon - Mark 14:12-25 Mark 14:12
Elijah Mark 9:11    
Eliot, T.S The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock    
Elizabeth  Luke Commentary 1:6 Luke Commentary 1:26  
Emmaus Luke Commentary 24:13 Resurrection Walk - Luke 24:13  
Employees Colossians 6    
Empty Tomb Luke Commentary 24:1 Luke Commentary 24:22  
End of the World Advent Comings of the Lord End of the world  
Enemies, loving Sermon, Luke 6:27-38    
Ephesians Ephesians Commentary    
Ephesus Ephesians Commentary - Intro    
Eternal Life Mark 10:17    
Ethics Adultery : An Exploration1-2 Messiah 6  Sexual Ethics in the Judeo Christian Era
Eucharist Seder Supper The Church in my City - 8  
Europe How do we reign? 6    
Evangelical Evangelical Megashift The Gospel of Jesus Christ, an Evangelical Celebration Evangelical - Post Evangelical
Evil Satan    
Evolution The Cake Late Date Genesis Man Pre Adamic Hominids
  Evolution Contradicts the Bible? What is the meaning of OT books such as 1 & 2 Samuel?  
Excommunication Go Make Learners 7 How do you explain 1 Cor. 5:1-5 Church Discipline
  The Church in my City - 8    
Excuses Luke Commentary 14:16    
Existentialism Existentialism in Ecclesiastes    
Exodus Religion Enslaves 2    
Exorcism See   DEMON POSSESSION UK to legitimize Exorcism Therapy  


Failure Seder Supper    
Faith Go Make Learners 5 John 3:1-21  
Fall Was death the result of the fall? See  ORIGINAL SIN  
False Prophets False Prophets    
False Teachers John's Epistles  2 John The Church in my City - 6  
False Witness Rights & Wrongs 9    
Family Love John's Epistles E    
Fantasy Adultery : An Exploration Appdx F    
Fasting Matthew Commentary 6:16-18 Mark 2:12-20 Luke Commentary 5:34
Fathi, Nazla Prostitution    
Feasts John 7:1-52    
Feeding 5000&4000 Feeding 5000 Mark 6:32-34 Mark 8:1-12
  John 6:1-71    
Feeling Inferior Feeling Inferior    
Fellowship Go Make Learners 7 John's Epistles  A  
Feminism Adultery: An Exploration of Love & Marriage Appdx. A See  PATRIARCHY How can we answer Feminist objections to patriarchy?
Fig Tree Mark 11:12    
First Amendment How do we reign?10    
Fishing Fishing for People Fishing Sunday John Commentary 21a
  Luke Commentary 5:1 Mark  1:16-18  
Five Thousand Fishing Sunday    
Flesh Ephesians Commentary 2:3 Flesh and Spirit Brad Watson
Fornication (porneia) Adultery an Exploration of Love & MarriageAppdx. B Ephesians Commentary 5:3 Ephesians Commentary 6:10-18
Foot washing John 13:4-15    
Forgiving Pay what you owe    
Fox, Matthew Matthew Fox, Taming a New Age Prophet    
Freedom Do you deny Human Freedom? John 8:12-59 Religion Enslaves  Intro
Freedom, Political Religion Enslaves 1    
Freedom, Religion Religion Enslaves 1    
French, Pat Suicide    
Friends Friends    
Fruit Healing Spirit    
Fruit of the vine Vine Branch    
Fundamentalism Fundamentalism    
Funeral Funeral Meditation    
Futility Ephesians Commentary 4:17-24    


Gabriel Luke Commentary  1:28    
Gadarenes (Gerasenes) Luke Commentary 8:26    
Galilee Fishing Sunday Eight Sundays from Easter  
Galileans Luke Commentary 13:1    
Galatians Colossians 3 Religion Enslaves 4  
Garden The Church in my City - 5    
Garnsworthy, Bishop Lewis AutoBio 9    
Gehenna Advent - Comings 6 Luke Commentary 13:1  
Genealogies Matthew Commentary 1 Ishmael the Arab1866-1792 BCE Luke Commentary 3:23
Genes Rights & Wrongs 5    
Genesis Religion Enslaves 2    
Gentiles Ephesians Commentary 2:11-22    
Gethsemane John Commentary 18a Luke Commentary 22:39 Mark 14:32
Getting Walked Over Should we ... ?    
Ghost Luke Commentary 24:15 Luke Commentary 24:30 Luke Commentary 24: 37
Gifts of the Spirit The Church: An Organic Picture 6-12    
Giving & Tithing The Church 16 Why Do People Quit?  
Glorified John 12:20-50    
Glorify Glorify  John 12:23 John Commentary 17  
Gnosis Colossians 3    
Gnosticism Colossians 3    
God God of Many Names Pinnock - The Openness of God Philip Yancey, "The Jesus I never knew"
  Colossians  4    
God, father John 8:12-59    
God, Hearing Religion Enslaves  7    
God, Names God of Many Names 1 Martel, Yann - "Life of Pi"
God, Openness Thank You Sorry Please Pinnock, Clark, The Openess of God, 1994  
God, Other Rights & Wrongs 1    
Gold Gold to Invest - Matthew 25:14-30    
Golgotha Mark 15:22    
Good Friday Good Friday    
Good News, Proclamation Mark 13:11 Mark 13:27 Mark 16:15
Good Without God Buckman, Robert    
Gospel Assurance Religion Enslaves 3  
Grace Creative Love Grace, Love, Power Philip Yancey, "What Is So Amazing About Grace?"
  Grace Ephesians Commentary 1,2  
Greatness Mark 9:33    
Greed Colossians 7 Rights & Wrongs 10  
Greek New Testament Greek Words    
Griffin, David Ray Cobb, John    
Guilt Living Totally : Without Guilt    


Hades Advent - Comings 6  Religion Enslaves 6 Mark 16:4-6 note
Harper, Michael Michael Harper goes Orthodox    
Harry Potter MacDonald, Murray    
Hartshorne, Charles (1897-2000)    
Harvest Luke Commentary 10:1 The Church in my City - 6  
Harvey, bob Harvey, Bob    
Hasker, William Cobb, John    
Healing The Church 9 My son has lumps in his stomach, how should I pray? Mark Commentary 2:3-12
  Mark Commentary 3:1-5 Mark 5:21-43 Mark 7:32-37
  What I was doing at the Hospital Healing Healing Spirit
  John 4:43-5:15 Religion Enslaves  7  
Healing Service Healing    
Heart Words to Hurt and to Heal Psychosomatic Dangers  
Heart Sin Mark Commentary 7:21-22    
Heaven Creative Love 4 Sermon on Heaven Where is heaven?
  Immediately Accessible Luke Commentary 23:43  
Hell Hell Fire and Damnation Hell Revisited Matthew Commentary 5:21-30
  Are you removing the fear of hell? Advent - Comings 6 Luke Commentary 12:5
Hemorrhage Luke Commentary 8:43    
Herod the Great Luke Commentary 3:1    
Herod the Tetrarch Luke Commentary 8:43    
Hierarchy The Church in my City - 4    
Hinduism Religion : Origins & Ideas 2 Religion : 4 Religion: 9
Hireling Shepherd    
History Advent - Comings 6 Luke Commentary Intro Luke: Chapter 1
  Luke: Postscript    
Historical Method In your use of scripture , etc.    
Holidays Holiday Mark 6:30-34    
Holy Communion Luke Commentary 22:1    
Holy Spirit Romans Commentary Introduction,Living Totally: Without Guilt 1 Acts - Gospel Survey
  Adultery: An Exploration of Love and Marriage 7 Pinnock Review of Flame of Love Is the Holy Spirit Feminine
  Navigation by the Spirit Inspiration for Art Vine Branch
  John 7:1-52 John 14:1-31 John 15:1-36
  John 16:1-33 John's Epistles F You have no right to suggest ... etc.
  Luke Commentary 1:35, Luke Commentary 11:14 Luke Comm: 12:10
  Ephesians Commentary - Intro    
Holy Spirit, Elecricity Sermon, Acts 2:2    
Holy Spirit Power The Church in my City - 12    
Hominids Were there Pre-Adamic Hominids? See EVOLUTION  
Homosexuality Sodomy in Leviticus How can we welcome Gays & Lesbians to our church? Romans 1:26-27
  What do you think about homosexuality? Homosexuality is sin.  Why don't you call a spade a spade ?  
Hosanna Mark 11:7    
Hospital Visiting What I was doing at the hospital    
Howell, Nancy R. Cobb, John    
Hunger Sermon, John 6:51-58    
Hungry Luke Commentary 6:21    
Hypocrisy Rights & Wrongs 3    


I Am Acts - Gospel Survey Mark 14:48  
Ideology God of Many Names 1 God of Many Names 2 God of Many Names Appdx A
Idol Rights & Wrongs 2    
Image Colossians 3    
Imprecatory Prayer Rights & Wrongs 11    
India Doubting Thomas    
Indulgences The Pope on Indulgences    
Infallability The Bible infallible for what?    
Infant Baptism Why do Anglicans baptize babies?    
Inferior Complex Feeling Inferior    
Image of God How do we differ from the other animals?    
Ingham, Michael Mansions of the Spirit    
Innu McGillivray. Dr. Jane    
Interserve AutoBio 7 Dennis Clark Go Make Learners
  New Bottles    
Inspiration Inspiration for Art Inspiration for Donata Ferrari's Hope
Instincts Living Totally : Without Guilt 1    
Invitation Invitation for the Heavy Laden    
Iraq How do we reign? 5    
Islam Religion : Origins & Ideas 6 Religion : Origins & Ideas 10 Dialogue with Muslims
  Hell Fire Mosque Christians Archbishop Bernardini on Islam
  Trinity & Unitarianism    


Jehovah's Witnesses Should I join the Jehovah's Witnesses? See TRINITY  
Jerome Word Thoughts    
Jerusalem Daniel 9:20-27 Mark 13 Jerusalem, Jerusalem
  Jerusalem the earthly & heavenly Luke Commentary 13:33 Luke 17:20
  Luke 18:31 Luke 19:43 Luke 20:15
  Luke 21:5    
Jerusalem, escape from Mark 13:14    
Jesus Did Jesus make mistakes? How did Jesus fulfill the OT law? Philip Yancey, "The Jesus I never knew
  Passed By Mark 6:45-53    
Jesus, Baptism Mark Commentary 1:9-10    
Jesus, Brothers Mark Commentary 6:3 John 7:1-52  
Jesus, Son of God Son of God    
Jesus, Upbringing Hometown Boy    
Jews Romans Commentary 9-11 Why the Jewish OT ? Arabs, Jews, & Christians, a family quarrel
  Ishmael the Arab 1866-1792 B.C.E Old Testament  
Jews & Arabs Jews and Arabs    
John, Apostle John Commentary 20b John Commentary 21b  
Johns Gospel Acts - Gospel Survey    
John the Baptist Matthew Commentary 3 Messiah 3 John the Baptist: The truth about Consequences
  Mark Commentary 1:2-4 Mark Commentary 6:17-29 Jesus and John the Baptist
  John the Baptist John 1:15-51 Luke Commentary 1:5
  Luke 1:57 Luke Commentary 3:1 Luke Commentary 3:10
  Luke Commentary 5:33    
John Mark Sermons Mark 14:51    
Joseph of Arimathea John Commentary  19b Luke Commentary 23:50 Mark 15:42
Judaism How did Rabbi Paul change? Messiah Reigns by his Coming  
Judas John Commentary  18a Luke Commentary 22:3 Mark 14:17
  Mark 14:42 Judas Psychology  
Judges Religion Enslaves 2    
Judging John 3:1-21 John 8:1-11 Luke Commentary 6:34
Judgment Future Judgment How do you explain the books of judgment in Revelation 20:4-15? How do you interpret the Great White Throne?
  Judgement in Matthew 7:1-6 Messiah 10  
Justification Romans Commentary Did Paul Teach Justification? Does Romans need Justification?
  Religion Enslaves 4    
Justice Put Him in the Stocks Rights & Wrongs 11  


Kerala Doubting Thomas    
Keys Who gets the keys? The Church in my City - 3  
Killing Rights & Wrongs 6    
King of Jews King of the Jews - John 19:13-22    
Kingdom Matthew Commentary 2 Colossians 4 Mark 10:35
Kingston Ontario The Church in my City    
Kiss of Peace Religion Enslaves 6    
Knowing Shepherd    
Koinonia John's Epistles  A    
Kosher Old Testament
Kosher Food Mark 7:17-23


Lamb Seder Supper Messiah 13  
Language Games Schneiders, Sandra Old Testament  
Laodicea Ephesians Commentary Intro 1.7    
Last Supper Matthew Commentary 26:17-29 Seder Supper Luke comment 21:1
  Mark 14:12    
Last Unction Religion Enslaves 6    
Lay Ministry The Church 15    
Lazarus Luke comment 16:19    
Learning Go Make Learners Invitation for the heavy-laden  
Legalism Romans Commentary Introduction Do away with OT rules? Religion Enslaves 4
  By rejecting legalism you undermine morality Colossians  3 Colossians 7 
Lending Luke Commentary 6:34    
Lent Repenting for Lent    
Leper Leper Luke Commentary 5:12 Luke Commentary 17:11
Lesbian Homosexuality How can we welcome Gays & Lesbians to our church? Sodomy in Leviticus
  Romans 1:26-27    
Lewis, C. S. Word Thoughts - Lewis    
Levi Luke Commentary 5:27 Mark 2:13-17  
Libel Rights & Wrongs 9    
Liberation Religion Enslaves 2    
Life Joseph Brean    
Light John 1:1-14    
Listening Luke Commentary 8:16 Luke Commentary 11:27  
Little Trinity AutoBio 9    
Logos John 1:1-14    
Lords Day Fishing Sunday    
Love Adultery : An Exploration of Love and Marriage 2 Creative Love John's Epistles  E
Love for God Luke Commentary 10:25    
Loving God Loving God Matthew 22:34-37,  Mark 1:28-31    
Luke's gospel Acts - Gospel Survey Messiah 17 Luke Commentary Intro
  Luke Commentary Post    
Lust Adultery: An Exploration 6 Adultery: Appendix E Adultery: Appendix F
  Lustful Looking, is it sinful? Matthew Commentary 5:27-30  
Luther Religion Enslaves 5    


Magi Search for the Wise - Matthew 2:1-2    
Magnificat Luke Commentary 1:46    
Male Chauvinism How did Paul change from Jewish Patriarchy?    
Manners Thank You Sorry Please    
Marriage Adultery : An Exploration of Love and Marriage I would love to marry and have kids, but it's too risky Religion Enslaves 6
  Rights & Wrongs 7    
Marks Gospel Mark Commentary Introduction Acts - Gospel Survey Messiah 17
Marks Gospel, Longer ending Mark 16:9 note    
Mark, John Colossians 1 Mark 14:51  
Martel, Yann "Life of Pi"    
Mary Matthew Commentary 1:18-25 Messiah 2 Virginal Conception
  Luke comment 1:26 Pray to Mary ?  
Mary Magdalene John Commentary 20a    
Mary, mother of Jesus Mark 15:34    
Mary of Bethany Sermon - John 12:1-11 John 12:1-8 Mark 14:4
Marriage Colossians 6 Word Thoughts  
Marriage, Adulterated I have adulterated my marriage ... etc.    
Marriage, Mutual submission Ephesians Commentary  3:21- 33    
Materialism John 1:1-14    
Matthew Luke Commentary  5:27    
Matthew's Gospel Acts - Gospel Survey Messiah 17 Matthews Gospel Commentary
Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday Seder Supper  
McGillivary, Dr. Jane Farewell to the Innu    
Mein, Kay Funeral Meditation for Kay Mein    
Membership The Church 2 The Church 5 Church Membership
  One Church City    
Merton, Thomas Szabo, Lynn - "A man for our times"    
Messiah Matthew Commentary 1 Messiah keeps coming Messiah Reigns by His Comings
  Colossians 4 Religion Enslaves 3 Mark 12:35
  Messiah  Mark Commentary 8:27-30 John 7:1-52
  Mark 15:6    
Metaphores God of Many Names 1 Metaphors for knowing God Shepherd
  Luke Commentary 12:39    
Mihalache, Adrian The Postmodernity of Cyberspace    
Millbrook, Ontario AutoBio 9    
Mind-Body Christmas meditation -You cannot be a person without a body - Ryle, Gilbert    
Ministers The Church: An Organic Picture 15 In 2 Thessalonians preachers work for their own living, as did Paul  
Ministry Religion Enslaves 4    
Miracles Feeding 5,000 Walking on Water The Cake
  Luke Commentary 8:22    
Miracles, continuing Mark 16:20    
Mission The Church in my City - 10    
Mission, bloodstream Religion Enslaves 4    
Missions Matthew Commentary 28:19-20 The Church 4 The Church 13-14
  New Bottles Go Make Learners 2, 3 Go Make Learners  8
  Mosque Christians    
Mocking Mark 15:16    
Model Theology What is Model Theology? See the Home Page of this site  
Models Model Theology 1 Go Make Learners 1 God of Many Names 1
  GMN 2 GMN Appndx B  
Moderation Moderation & Abstinence    
Monarch Word Thoughts    
Money Luke Commentary 12:13    
Monism Word Thoughts    
Morality Morality and Culture By rejecting legalism you undermine morality God of Many Names 6
  On your view is there a logical reason to be moral? Adultery 1 Rights & Wrongs Intro
Moses How do we reign? 1    
Mother's Day Shepherd Mother's Day  
Mountain Climbing Mountain Climbing - Matthew 5    
Multiculturalism Mark Steyn    
Murder Matthew Commentary 5:21-22 Model Theology 9 Rights & Wrongs 6
Muslims Dialogue with Muslims Mosque Christians Ishmael the Arab1866-1792 BC
Mutuality Adultery: An Exploration of Love and Marriage 3 Religion Enslaves 3  
Mystery Colossians 5 Ephesians Commentary 3:1-13  


Nain Luke Commentary 7:11    
Naming God of Many Names 1    
Nard Mark 14:3    
Nations Nations & Nationalism Curse of Ham Nations
  Religion Enslaves 2 How do we reign? 2  
Nations Judged Matthew 25:31-46  Ephesians Commentary 2:11-22  
Nazareth Hometown Boy Luke Commentary 2:39 Luke Commentary 4:14
Nero Messiah 17    
New Age Matthew Fox Taming a New Age Prophet God of Many Names 2-4
New Birth Go Make Learners 6 John 3:1-21  
New Testament Criticism Model Theology 10 Review of Akenson's Surpassing Wonder Altman's New Light on the Gospels
  What is Rhetorical Analysis ?    
New Skins New Skins    
New Wine Luke Commentary 5:37    
Nicodemus John 3:1-21 John Commentary 19b Luke Commentary 23:53
  Mark 15:46    
Non-Violence Luke comment 23:26 Word Thoughts Rights & Wrongs 6
Norris, Kathleen The Cloister Walk    
Nudity Naked and Unashamed    


Obedience John's Epistles  B    
Ointment Mark 14:5    
Old Age Old Age, Freedom & Creativity    
Old testament What is the Meaning of books like 1 & 2 Samuel? What do we do with OT rules ? Why the Jewish OT ?
  How do you answer Feminist objections to Patriarchy ? Arabs and the Bible How do you explain the OT Extermination of the Amorites?
  Old Testament    
O'Murchu, Diarmuid Quantum Theology    
Onesimus Colossians 1    
Ontological Argument ... for the existence of God    
Openness of God Review of Pinnock (Ed.) The Openness of God Cobb, John  Searching for an adequate God Why the Jewish OT?
  Religion Enslaves 7 Word Thoughts  
Open Theism Thank You Sorry Please Pinnock, Clark, The Openness of God, 1994 Cobb, John - Searching for an adequate God
Order of St. Luke Order of St. Luke    
Original Sin Model Theology 2 See  FALL  Religion Enslaves 2
Orthodox God of Many Names 2-3 Michael Harper goes Orthodox  


Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Mark 11:7  
Panentheism God of Many Names 2-3 Matthew Fox, Taming a New Age Prophet  
Parables Matthew Commentary 13 Parable Poems Messiah 7
  Sower & Fruitfulness 5 parables The Weeds
  How parables govern our life The Cake Inspiration for Donata
  Religion Enslaves 3 Mark Commentary 4 Ferrari's Hope
Paradise Luke Commentary 23:43    
Paralyzed Paralysis    
Paralytic Luke Commentary 5:17    
Parent, Mark Review of Spirit Scapes    
Parents Colossians 6    
Parents, Honoring Rights & Wrongs 5    
Parousia Coming in AD 70 John's Epistles  C  
Passion Colossians 7    
Passover Matthew Commentary26:17-27 Model Theology 6 Messiah 12
  Messiah 13 Luke Commentary 23:52 Mark 14:12
  Seder Supper Luke Commentary 22:1  
Paul Ephesians Commentary - Intro    
Patriarchy Adultery : Appdx. A How did Rabbi Paul change from Patriarchy?  
Paul the Apostle Romans Commentary Messiah 16 How did Rabbi Paul change from Patriarchy?
  Does Romans need Justification? Did Paul teach law court justification? How did God Change Paul?
  Colossians 1    
Paul, Theology Religion Enslaves 4    
Peace Colossians 7 Ephesians Commentary  6:23  
Peck, Scott Denial of the Soul    
Pelagianism Word Thoughts    
Pentecost Pentecost See HOLY SPIRIT Messiah 15
Perfume Mark 14:3    
Peter (Simon) Fishing Sunday John Commentary 18b John Commentary 21b
  Luke Commentary 22:31    
Peter, Denial Mark 14:29 Mark 14:66  
Petrou, Michael "It's OK to kill non Muslims"    
Pharisees Luke Commentary 3:7       ----->> 5:17 7:29 7:36 11:37 12:1 14:1
  Messiah 9 Pharisee Religion - Matthew 23 Mark 12:13
Pharisaism Matthew Commentary 23 How did God Change Paul?  
Philemon Religion Enslaves 4    
PI, Life of Martel Yann    
Pigs Luke Commentary 8:32    
Pilate (Pontius) John Commentary  18b Luke Commentary 23:1 Mark 15:2 Mark 15:15
Pinnock, Clark Pinnock (Ed.) The Openness of God Some Info about Clark Pinnock Flame of Love
  Polkinghorne on Theistic Agency & Pinnock Cobb, John - Searching for an Adequate God Religion Enslaves 6  ,7
Playboy Magazine See PORNOGRAPHY    
Poems Parable Poems    
Poison Mark 16:7    
Polkinghorne, John Polkinghorne on Theistic Agency & Pinnock    
Politics Romans Commentary 13 Voting for Joy Free Trade - Americanada
Poor Rich and Poor    
Pornography Playboy magazine under my son's mattress    
Posamai, Adam Consuming Religion    
Posessed Sermons Mark 1:21-28 Mark 9:16  
Post-Modernism Model Theology : An Introduction to Post Modern Explanation Post-Modernism How do you decide the correct interpretation of the bible?
Potter, Harry Review of Harry Potter    
Potter, Les Essays Reviews    
Power The Church in my City - 12    
Praise Sermons Luke 13:10-17    
Prayer Matthew Commentary 6 Romans Commentary 8:26-27 Prayer
  What I was doing at the hospital Colossians 2 John Commentary  17
  Luke Commentary 11:1 Luke Commentary 18:1 Religion Enslaves 7
  Ephesians Commentary 3:14-21 How do we reign?  
Prayer, Childlike Religion Enslaves  7    
Prayer, Meeting Religion Enslaves 7    
Predestination Romans Commentary 8:28-30 ,9-11 How does Creative Love Theism relate to Predestination?
Pre-millennialism Mark 13 note    
Preparation, Day of John Commentary 18b, 19a, 19b  
Presentation The Presentation - Luke 2:22-40    
Presbyterian Word Thoughts    
Priests Religion 2 Do we need priests?  
Priesthood Religion 2 Model Theology 4 See ROYAL  PRIESTHOOD
Priestcraft Religion  2 Do we need priests ?  
Problems in the NT New Testament Greek Words    
Process Cobb, John - Searching for an adequate God    
Prodigal Son Luke Commentary 15:11    
Property Rights & Wrongs 8    
Prophecy The Church: An Organic Picture 8 How do you explain prophecy?  
Prophets The Church: An Organic Picture 8 Prophets and Priests Religion Enslaves 2
  The Church in my City - 11    
Prostitute Luke Commentary 7:36    
Prostitution Nazla Fathi    
Proverbs Words to Hurt and to Heal Psychosomatic Dangers  
Pruning Vine Branch    
Psychology Religion Enslaves 1    
Psychosomatic Psychosomatic Dangers    
Publication Why do you publish on the web instead of regular books?    
Purgatory The Pope on Purgatory    


Quakers Friends    
Qumran Luke Commentary 3:2    


Rabbi Was Jesus a Rabbi? How does he teach us?    
Ransom Mark 10:45    
Rape Rape and the Sermon on the Mount Sodomy in Leviticus Rights & Wrongs 8
Reconciliation Ephesians Commentary 2.11-12 Ephesians Commentary 3.1-13  
Redemption Colossians 4    
Reformation How dare you go against the Reformation?    
Regeneration Go Make Learners 6    
Reigning How do we reign?1    
Reincarnation Religion : Origins & Ideas 9 Reincarnation  
Relaxation Rights & Wrongs 4    
Religion Colossians 3    
Religions God of Many Names Religion: Origins Jigsaw of Religions
  Religion Comparatively Speaking Consuming Religions Your model in God of Many Names denies that people of other religions need saving
Repentance Go Make Learners 4 Heresy of Repentance Repenting for Lent
  I am not sure I have repented properly    
Repentance, National Luke Commentary 13:6    
Rest Rights & Wrongs 4 Work & Rest  
Resurrection Matthew Commentary 28 Messiah 14 My Android Helen
  Resurrection  John 3:16 Eight Sundays Caterpillar Story
  Doubting Thomas Fishing Sunday Acts - Gospel Survey
  John 11:1-57 John Commentary 20a I am puzzled about your remarks about Jesus' resurrection
Resurrection Walk Resurrection Walk - Luke 24:13-49    
Rewards Sermons Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21    
Rhetorical Analysis What is Rhetorical Analysis? Vernon Robbins, Exploring the Texture of Texts  
Rice, Richard Cobb, John - Searching for an adequate God    
Rich Rich Young Man Rich and Poor Luke Commentary 18:18
  Luke Commentary 18:24    
Robbins, Vernon Exploring the Texture of Texts    
Robinson, Harry AutoBio 9    
Roman Catholic How do we reign? 6    
Romans Romans Commentary Religion Enslaves 4  
Roots Rights & Wrongs 5    
Royal Priesthood Model Theology 4 Do we need priests ? The Church in my City - 7
Ruth Ruth the Arab    
Ryle, Gilbert You cannot be a person without a body    


Sabbath Sabbath Mark 2:23-27 Work & Rest Eight Sundays from Easter to Pentecost
  Luke Commentary 6:1 Rights & Wrongs 4  
Sacraments Religion Enslaves 6    
Sacrafice Religion 1 Model Theology 5  
Saddam Hussein BURN, John  - "Hussein's obsession: An empire of mosques"    
Sadducees Mark 12:18    
Saints Why are Isaiah & Jeremiah not called saints?    
Salt Luke Commentary 14:34    
Salvation Assurance John 14:6 excludes all heathen & unbelievers God of Many Names 5
  I thought once saved, always saved, How can I be sure I am saved? Creative Love  
Samaria The Church in my City - 9    
Samaritan John 4:4-43 Luke Commentary 10:30 Luke Commentary 17:14
Sanders, Doug "The mysterious mind of the suicide bombers"    
Sanhedrin (Parliament) Luke Commentary  22:66 Luke Commentary 23:1 Luke Commentary 23:13
  Mark 11:27 Mark 14:53 Mark 15:1
Satan Satan Messiah 4 Why did God allow Satan to torture Job?
  Luke Commentary 4:1    
Saul of Tarsus AKENSON, Donald - "Saint Saul: a key to the historical Jesus"    
Schneiders, Sandra The Revelatory Text: Interpreting the New Testament as Sacred Scripture    
Schowalter, Dan "Paul was not a Christian"    
Science Wittgenstein, Science & God Early & Later Wittgenstein  
Scripture God of Many Names 4    
Second Coming Matthew Commentary 23 Messiah 17 Advent Comings of the Lord
  Coming in AD 70    
Seder Seder Supper Luke Commentary 22:1 Luke Commentary 22:17
  Mark 14:23    
Seers The Church in my City - 11    
Sermon on The Mount Matthew Commentary 5-7    
Sermon on The Plain Luke Commentary 12:22    
Servant Friends    
Sex Adultery : An Exploration of Love and Marriage Appdx. E Colossians 7 Religion Enslaves 6
Sexy Sexy Woman    
Shalom Luke Commentary 24: 36    
Shame Naked and Unashamed    
Shari'a Law Mark Steyn Margaret Wente  
Sheep and Goats Matthew 25:31-46    
Sheol Luke Commentary 14:14 Luke Commentary 16:22 Religion Enslaves 6
Shepherd Shepherd John 10:1-42 Luke Commentary 15:3
Shepherds Luke Commentary 2:8    
Sherloch Holmes Sherlock Holmes    
Signs John Commentary 4:43-5:15 John Commentary 20b  
Simeon Luke Commentary 2:27    
Simon the Leper Mark 14:3    
Sin Roses from Manure Religion Enslaves 3  
Sin as death Ephesians Commentary 2:2    
Sin, Entangled Mark 6:17-29, entangled sin    
Singing Ephesians Commentary 5:19    
Situation Ethics Adultery: An Exploration Appdx.G    
Slavery Religion Enslaves 4    
Slaves Colossians 4 Colossians 6 Ephesians Commentary 6:5-9
Snakes Mark 16:17    
Social Concern How do we reign? 2    
Sodomy Sodomy in Leviticus    
Son of God John 5:16-47 John 8:12-59 God's Son
  Mark 12:6    
Son of Man Mark  8:31 Son of Man Son of Man - Mark 8:31-38
South Africa How do we reign? 9    
Sower Sower Luke Commentary 8:4  
Spirituality Payle, Bishop - Reclaiming the Great Commission    
Spirit Possesion Mark Commentary 5:1-20    
Spiritual Food John 6:5-58    
St. James Church, Kingston AutoBio 10 The Church in my City   
St. Thomas See AQUINAS    
Stackhouse, John (Jr.) Evangelical Futures    
Steadfast Love Psalm 136    
Stealing Rights & Wrongs 8    
Steward Luke Commentary 16:1    
Steyn, Mark Steyn    
Storms Mark Commentary 4:35-41 Passed By  
Stibbe, Mark Mark Stibbe & Charismatic Hermeneutics    
Submission Colossians 6    
Substitution See ATONEMENT God's Holiness needs a substitutionary payment?   
Suicide Suicide    
Suicide Bombers SANDERS, Doug - "The mysterious mind of the suicide bombers"    
Sunday Work & Rest Sabbath Fishing Sunday
  Eight Sundays from Easter to Pentecost Luke Commentary 24:1  
Sword Luke Commentary 22:49    
Syncretism Word Thoughts    
Syrophoenician Mark Commentary 7:25-30 Boldness in Prayer  
Szabo, Lynn Thomas Merton: A Man for our Times    


Talents (Pounds) Luke Commentary 19:11 Gold to Invest - Matthew 25:14-30  
Tares Weeds    
Tax Collection Luke Commentary 5:27 Luke Commentary 19:1  
Temptation Temptation Luke Commentary 4:2  
Temple John 2:14-25 Luke Commentary 23:45  
Temple, Cleared Mark 11:15    
Temple, Curtain Mark 15:37    
Temple, Destruction Mark 13:5    
Temple Stones Mark 13:1    
Temple of the spirit Ephesians Commentary  2:20-21    
Tenants Luke Commentary 16: Word Thoughts  
Tent Makers The Church in my City - 10    
Ten Commandments Adultery : An Exploration 1, 2 You can't dump the Ten C's Rights & Wrongs
  Ten Commandments - Exodus 20:1-17    
Thanksgiving Luke 17:11-19 on 10 Lepers Colossians 2  
Thank You Thank You Sorry Please     
Theism Colossians 4    
Theology Is theology the Queen of the Sciences? See Model Theology  
Theophilus Luke Commentary Intro    
Thomas Doubting Thomas John Commentary 20b  
Timing John 7:1-52    
Timothy Colossians 1    
Tongue Words to Hurt and to Heal    
Tradition Matthew Commentary 15:1-20 Matthew Commentary 23 Any importance to Tradition?
  How do we relate Scripture, Tradition, Experience, Reason?
  Your interpretation of John 14:6 goes against 2,000 years of Church tradition
Transfiguration Matthew Commentary 17:1-8 Investigating a Mystery Mark 9
Transmigration Word Thoughts    
Tribulation Messiah 17 Mark 13:7  
Trinity Creative Love Religion 10 Trinity v. Unitarian
  How can you explain the Trinity? Trinitarian Faith Matthew Commentary 3:13-17
  Matthew Commentary 28:19-20 Advent - Comings 7 Trinity Sunday
  Vine Branch John 14:1-31  
Trinity College AutoBio 5    
Truth Are you denying the possibility of final (absolute) truth Dallas Willard, Philisophical Articles  
Twelve Apostles Mark  3:14-19 Luke Commentary 6:12  
Tychicus Colossians 1    
Tyndale, Tony Tony Tyndale, Officer & Christian Gentleman    


Unbelievers John 14:6 excludes all heathen & unbelievers    
Unitarian Religion 6 Religion 10  John 1:1-14
  John 5:16-47 John 8:12-59 Word Thoughts
United States How do we reign? 10    
Unity John Commentary 17    


Vine Vine Branch John 15:1-26 Luke Commentary 22:18
Vineyard Unfair Wages Mark 12:1  
Virgin Luke Commentary 1:27    
Virginal Conception Virginal Conception    
Vision Matthew Commentary 6:22-23 The Church in my City - 11  
Voting Voting for Joy    


Wahhabi Word Thoughts     
Walked over Matthew 18:15-20    
Walking on Water Walking on Water    
War Armistice Day    
Warfare, Spiritual Ephesians Commentary 6:10-18    
Watchtower Should I join the Jehovah's Witnesses? See TRINITY  
Watson, Brad Brad Watson    
Weakness Philip Yancey, "The Jesus I never knew"    
Wealth Luke Commentary 16:9    
Wedding Wedding    
Weeds Weeds Bad People In Church The Church in my City - 6
Welcoming Welcome - Romans 15:7    
Wente, Margaret Stone Her    
Wheeler, David L. Cobb, John - Searching for an Adequate God    
Wiccan Payne, Bishop - Reclaiming the Geat Commission    
Widow, Poor Mark 12:41    
Willard, Dallas Philosophical Articles Renovation  
Wine Moderation & Abstinence Mark 14:23 Mark 15:23
Wink, Walter Satan    
Wisdom Words to Hurt and to Heal Ephesians Commentary 5:15-20  
Wise Men Search for the Wise - Matthew 2:1-12    
Wittgenstein, Ludwig  AutoBio 8 Model Theology 1 Wittgenstein's Early and Later writings
  Religions Enslave 1    
Women Acts - Gospel Survey Messiah 8 Luke Commentary 8:1
Luke Commentary 10:38 Luke Comm. 23:27
Women at the cross Mark 15:40 Mark 16:1  
Women, Liberation Religion Enslaves 3    
Women, Ordination Religion Enslaves 3    
Word John 1:1-14    
Words Words to Hurt and to Heal    
Work Rights & Wrongs 4    
World World, John Commentary 17  
Wrath Living Totally: Without Guilt 1 Advent Comings of the Lord John the Baptist: The truth about Consequences
  Mark 13 Colossians 7 John 2:14-25
  How do we reign? 3    


Yahweh Word Thoughts    
Yancey, Philip "The Jesus I never knew" "What's So Amazing About Grace?"  
Y2K End of the world Ready for Y3K Advent Comings of the Lord


Zechariah Luke Commentary  1:5