by Robert Brow  (    Aurora, Ontario         June 2008

 A couple from a jungle in Africa arrived in Canada, and were given a
 fully equipped home to live in. They were handed the keys, but no one
 thought of explaining about the electrical appliances. During the
 month of July they went to bed when it got dark and rose with the sun.
 They collected wood and were able to cook in the fireplace. They found
 water came from the taps, and they did their washing in the kitchen,
 and dried their clothes on the line. But by November they were cold
 and miserable.
 Happily some friends came to visit, and they flicked on the lights.
 They showed them how they could set the thermostat to heat the house,
 and use the electric stove for cooking. Next week they learned about
 the washer and drier, how to answer the telephone, and dial their
 friends. The television helped them find out about Canada, and how
 people survived the Canadian winter.
 This parable illustrates the feelings of Jewish people on the Day of
 Pentecost. Suddenly the lights went on. By the Spirit they were freed
 from the dark legalism of Pharisee religion. They could see God's plan
 for their life. They no longer had to work at their own forgiveness,
 but the Spirit assured them that they were washed clean from guilt. As
 the Spirit filled them, they were warmed by the love and joy and
 peace. Just as easily as we pick up the telephone, they found
 themselves free to talk to God at any time. And just as turning on a
 television opens up what is going on in the world, the Bible came to
 life for them by the Spirit. They were so excited that people around
 thought they must be drunk.

Robert Brow
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