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 Bob Brow    

Robert Brow born 30 August 1924 in Karachi (was in British India, now in Pakistan). Early schooling in Brussels where his first language was French. Then at Tormore School, Upper Deal, Kent, Stowe School, Buckingham, and Aitcheson College, Lahore, Pakistan.

After five years as an Indian Army Officer (Captain) during the war, Robert Brow studied economics and theology for five years, and then served in India for eleven years. He taught theology at the Allahabad Bible Seminary, and then became the first North India staff worker for the Union of Evangelical Students of India (Inter Varsity). He was ordained as an Anglican (Episcopal) priest in 1954, and he has served in parishes in India, England, Canada, Cyprus, and Abu Dhabi.

His studies included:

Indian Army Higher Urdu Examination (1943) Cambridge University (B.A. 1950), (M.A. 1955) London University (B.D. 1952) Higher Hindi Examination (1954) Princeton Theological Seminary (Th.M. in New Testament Greek studies 1958). University of Toronto (Graduate Studies in Philosophy - Wittgenstein 1967-1971).

    A greatly expanded version of the life of Robert Brow can be found in the book "Autobio 2000" on the BROW web site.

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