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What is your take on the current flurry of discussion of evolution as opposed to ID (Intelligent Design) ?

by Robert Brow  (www.brow.on.ca)

We can all see the long evolution of the modern Mercedes car from the original wheelbarrow.   There were many errors, wrong turns, and an obvious survival of the fittest.  But no one would argue it all happened by mindless chance.   An investigator from another civilization looking at the evidence would find the barrows, carts, and cars evolving by small steps, but there would be no sign of human creativity.  
As is usual in long discussions of contradictory models, the truth is in both opposites.   In this case those who believe in creation should see that there has been a long evolution, which scientists can document.   And scientists should realize that the emergence of creative thought, appreciation of beauty, artistic and musical inspiration, and moral values, is unlikely without some form of intelligent design.
At present I can see picture two possibilities.   Either the Holy Spirit (mentioned in Genesis 1:2) has intervened creatively from time to time.  Or the original Big Bang included what was needed to permit the creative changes that would be needed.


Robert Brow

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