by  Robert  Brow   (    Aurora, Ontario       May 2008

 Yesterday the news was 20,000 died and 60,000 are missing. Today the
 death toll is expected to be over 100,000. But that does not take into
 account the million or more who will be endangered by the sources of
 water contaminated by rotting corpses.
 The military junta that has run Burma since 1962 does not seem to want
 western aid agencies coming into the country. And large scale
 government financial aid looks as it will merely line the pockets of
 the army.
 Let's face it. This is no ordinary tragedy. The numbers involved
 remind us of the plagues of the Book of Revelation. "By these three
 plagues a third of human kind was killed" (Revelation 9:18). The
 context of these disasters is "the wrath of the Lamb" (Revelation
 6:16). We should not be heartless and minimize the terrible sufferings
 of the people involved. But this at least means that the cyclone in
 Burma could be part of our reigning Messiah's purposes.
 What could be the outcome of what seems to be an unmitigated disaster?
 Perhaps the military junta will finally be toppled. All around the
 Irrawady basin the hills are populated by the Karen, Kachin, and other
 tribes. Many of them are Christians, but they are terribly persecuted.
 This could be the Day of the Lord for them to make their influence
 felt among the Burmese who tend to view them as ignorant savages. .
 "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord"
 (Revelation 11:15; 12:10).
 I am no prophet but, as I pray for our friends in Burma, I know that
 things will change. And I trust Jesus the loving (and wrathful) Lamb
 to work things out for the very best.

Robert Brow
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