by Robert brow ( Aurora, Ontario April 2008

    When we are convinced that the whole Bible is the Word of God, we look
 for unity rather than contradiction. Some apparent contradictions are
 metaphorical, as in the names of the eternal Son of God. He is both
 Shepherd and sacrificial Lamb, Rock and tender shoot, lion and little
 child, Lord and Servant.

 In some cases there are paradoxes where the truth is discovered by
 holding the two truths together. Scientists know that light is both
 waves and particles, and these cannot be reconciled in logic. In our
 model of the Trinity God is both one triune. The three Persons are
 eternally held together in perfect oneness by the love of God.

 In a traumatic event true witnesses will see different aspects of what

 Rather than throw out one side of an apparent contradiction in the
 Bible, wisdom lies in bringing it before God, and having the patience
 to see how it is reconciled by the Holy Spirit.

 When I attended a course on the Old Testament, the professor delighted
 in picking out what seemed to him to be glaring inconsistencies.
 Happily the Holy Spirit guided me to write these down and wait till I
 could see the reconciliation. Most of the problems were easy to solve.
 It took three years till a rereading of the Bible showed me the answer
 to the last of the professor's list of inconsistencies. From that time
 for the past fifty years I have again and again waited to see how the
 Holy Spirit would resolve the problem of an apparent contradiction.

Robert Brow

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