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Question - With your view of baptism in Go Make Learners what do you think about the rebaptism of those who were "done" as babies?
by Robert Brow   (www.brow.on.ca)

Baptists do not accept the baptism of an infant as baptism, so there is no question of rebaptism. In many Baptist groups baptism has become a sign that the elders have checked this person out as having been born again and received the Holy Spirit. That model cannot explain why all baptisms in the NT were immediate and without probation (probation was invented in the second century when the church was already up to its ears in legalism).

The problem with re-baptism is that it could be repeated again and again. How often do some of us come back to the Lord? One American denomination rebaptizes anyone who has made a decision for Christ and wants to be a member of that congregation (even if they have been members of other denominations and baptized a dozen times before). But there were no rebaptisms or instructions for rebaptisms in the NT.

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