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Question : Are you suggesting that false doctrine does not matter?

Answer by Robert Brow (www.brow.on.ca) April 2001

I distinguish between a person's doctrinal explanation, which can be wrong, and a person's heart as God sees it. No explanatory model, even the Trinitarian Theistic model (Creative Love Theism as offered on this site), ever saved anyone. God looks at the heart, not the correctness of our explanation. That means a person may adhere to a wrong model (religion), but in his or her heart may be looking in the right direction.

But although false doctrine does not send us to hell, it can certainly confuse us, leave us riddled with guilt, and unsure of the love of God. Which is why there is strong teaching about false teachers in the New Testament. A school can welcome all sorts of ignorant and badly behaved students, but if the teachers reject the very purpose of the school everything goes wrong.

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