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Question: What do you think of Process Theology?

Answer by Robert Brow     www.brow.on.ca     November 1999

Process Theology certainly gave us some very important corrections to classical Christian theology. And I have myself rejected the attributes of God's immutability, impassiveness, omnipotence (in one sense), timelessness, and omniscience (in one sense). On the other hand I agree with Clark H. Pinnock's model "Between Classical and Process Theism," in the book edited by Ronald H. Nash, Process Theology, Baker Book House, 1987, pp.309-327. A Christian process model is also set out in the brilliant collection by Clark Pinnock, The Openeness of God, InterVarsity, 1944.

Process Theology emerged from Whitehead's Process and Reality, New York, 1929, The Macmillan Co. 1978. The problem was that Whitehead set his philosophical system in an a-theistic model.. I prefer the Theistic Creativity and Love of the three Persons of the Trinity in a model which I call Creative Love Theism (a term first used in Clark Pinnock & Robert Brow, Unbounded Love: A Good News Theology for the 21st Century, Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, Carlisle, UK : Paternoster, 1994.

This web site is an exploration of models and model shifts, and there are some helpful developments in modern physics, which I don't claim to understand. Phase-entanglement is a very fruitful concept. It suggests that the thoughts and attitudes of each of our minds have an influence on the whole universe. Memory as instantaneous and timeless is also a mind-boggling idea (see the later books of John Polkinghorne)..

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