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"Why do you promote naturalistic explanations?   My Christian faith has tended to be full of wonder, mystery, beauty, and sacramental moments and even wild out of the box spiritual experiences."

by Robert Brow  (www.brow.on.ca)

 I agree that is the reality, and naturalistic explanations don't get us anywhere.   Last week Mollie and I attended a charismatic group that meets weekly around a big table in our Kingston City Hall.  To our surprise there were no songs on overheads, but a quiet singing in tongues was joined in by more and more voices (all different and apparently going in all directions but in perfect harmony) and after half an hour or so they quieted down to a beautiful peace.  Mollie and I don't speak or sing in tongues, but I found myself enjoying the singing and I was freed to pray for all sorts of needs around the world.  I can't imagine the devil could create such beautiful music.

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