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what is model theology?

by robert brow

Dear R.,

Thank you for your question about Model Theology. The easiest way to explore it is by searching through the documents on this web site.

There is a brief explanation on the home page. Then each book and article on the site focuses on the use of alternative models of other religions, creeds, denominational practices, and alternative models of morality and the ten commandments. The first chapter of the book on Model Theology sets out the recent history of the use of models in theology.

You will find an example of Model Theology in Clark Pinnock, Richard Rice, and Others, The Openness of God (InterVarsity, 1994) pp.103, 108, 176. It is also commended in Clark Pinnock and Robert Brow, Unbounded Love (InterVarsity, 1994) Chap. 1, "Religion: Models of Love."

I hope that helps.


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