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Are you rejecting the obvious fact that Genesis 1 is based on ancient myths of the period?

by Robert brow  (www.brow.on.ca)

I do not deny that the writer of Genesis might have known some of the Egyptian, Sumerian, and Sanskrit myths. Nor do do I deny that some theologians eloquently use some of those myths to point to a creator and humans in the image of God.

To my mind the literary form of life in Genesis 1 is that of a writer picturing the work of creation as the evolution of a masterpiece.  And the language game for creation includes the idea of a personal creator.  The Holy Spirit enabled (inspired) the writer to see that the purpose of the masterpiece of our created world was to create image-of-God humans. If science/mythology denies that, or offers other explanations, I intend to go with the Bible.

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