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Question : We now know there are about three billion letters in the human DNA. Such information could only have been written by a "genius beyond genius". Why do you still talk about evolution on your web site?

Answer by Robert Brow

Evolution does not have to be random. A woman evolves a cake in stages. The first chapter of the Bible pictures the Artist evolving the masterpiece of our world. When we talk about the evolution of the Mercedes car,  no one imagines that the evolution of automobiles was random as if it all happened by chance.

As opposed to the denial of evolution on the one hand, and the denial of God "the genius beyond genius," I prefer to work with another model.  The decision to make humans was made by the three Persons of the Trinity (Genesis 1:26). The task of the Word, the Son of God, was to invent the three billion letters of the human DNA. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being  (John 1:3, as in Colossians 1:16). God the Holy Spirit was responsible for using that DNA to work out the details of human life (Luke 1:35) and resurrection (Romans 8:11). And, like a loving parent, God the Father works behind the scenes to watch over our environment and hear our prayers.

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