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doesn't evolution contradict the bible?

by robert brow

Dear Y.,

 It is true that various species of hominid roamed the earth for a couple of million years, and there was a huge amount of evolution before that. But the evolution of automobiles from the wheelbarrow, or computers from the abacus, does not prove that they just happened by chance without creative activity.

 Evolution merely sets out various forms in a sequence. In the first chapter of Genesis there is an evolution from light to the land and seas of our world, vegetation, the appearance of the sun, moon, and stars, fish and birds, mammals, and finally humans.

 It is important to take seriously the Genesis definition of what a true human is. Chemically humans are dust of the earth and zoologically they are animals (they have the breath of life, i.e. need oxygen like the other animals, Genesis 2:7; compare 1:30). But Genesis man was designed to be in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). What was new in Genesis man, as opposed to the hominids that preceded us, is that humans look at, choose, make judgments, and discuss alternative ideas of right and wrong. We can also enjoy, communicate with, and look forward to an eternal future with God. That does not deny evolution, but makes sense of what we really are.


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