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Q.   Is there any logical reason to show that one should be moral?

Answer by Robert Brow September 1999    (www.brow.on.ca)

There is no possible logical reason for being moral. Logic only operates within an agreed model. That means it is only possible to be logical about moral questions if both parties have agreed to work within a model for settling questions of right and wrong. In that sense there is logic within a Marxist, or Original Buddhist, or Zen Buddhist, or Islamic model of right and wrong. But there is no way to prove one or the other model is the correct (logical) one. The amoral person is not one who is bad, but a person who refuses to discuss right and wrong at all.

For a Judeo-Christian view of how moral discussion is based on the Ten Categories of Moral Judgment (Exodus 20) see the book   Adultery : An Exploration of Love and Marriage

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