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Question : You have no right to suggest that someone could come to God through the Holy Spirit without having first believed in Jesus.

Answer by Robert Brow (www.brow.on.ca)

I certainly believe that no one, but no one, can be taken through death and perfected for heaven except through Jesus the Messiah. But the Bible does not say you have to understand how he does it (e.g. hear and understand some doctrine of the atonement). Those who believe that no one can make it unless they get to hear and understand the good news have to exclude all the OT saints and all retarded persons and all babies who die in infancy.

Where does it say that babies can be saved by some other means? Why shouldn't babies be resurrected by the Holy Spirit as Jesus was (Romans 8:11)? But they will be in heaven through Jesus' work and him alone without having heard and made a decision.

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