Parable Poems

by Robert Brow



sister Mary came running with her friends said the stone rolled away and his body wasn't there but you know what women are they love too much wishful thinking their female intuition can lead astray as we walked we were joined by a stranger he didn't know what happened to our teacher on bad Friday but the fellow quoted texts the prophets told us clearly about Christ his suffering and his glory over supper he took bread gave thanks broke it and we knew who it was Jesus himself (taken from Luke 24:1-35)


the lawyers took our case to the bitter end made him lie against me I against him so united in our lying the marriage put asunder


she was ready gourmet dinner and romantic candlelight satin dress now opening expected me to perform but the duty had castrated what otherwise would be easy


I enjoyed our good eating with her plump only snakes have a lean and hungry look but for wisdom you need eating of another forbidden kind I had to hide from her from him who pointed out you are naked God ignorant wanted to know it was clear by her wiles and pestering she forced me she said blame snake venom and developed back pains in her labour and without God I found work deadly boring and my body just chemistry (taken from Genesis 3:1-19)


they asked why I was hanging the soldiers crucified me which is the first explanation the Governor Pilate said so it was his fault so he is the historical explanation it was Jewish people who cried crucify him we want his blood so we should blame the Jews you could see it had to happen the Pharisees were threatened the Sadducees and politics others will say it was Judas who got the loot thirty pieces of silver for the betrayal another fact is forgotten it was Satan who wanted the Son of God as his prey But what about the ancient seers who prophesied of the Messiah they said he had to die as Lamb actually God the Father was in control the inscription in Latin Greek and in Hebrew but then I chose to come for this sacrifice to free mankind which is the real explanation


the big city bothered me far too busy indecently raping all that I am she invited me to share the apartment I felt safe understood by a woman have I become a Lesbian can I never marry a man have the children of my dreams


small fingers held her breast a madonna as she pointed the next nipple I wanted her so I walked cuddled him to lie down but he cried couldn't settle till he slept innocently sweet peaceful between us (based on Matthew 1:25)


flu flattened she had wilted so I poured orange juice the second day I managed and ironed out her blouse the third day she was worse the fourth day she was dying the fifth day she was hungry for love and smiled again (based on Ephesians 5:28-29)


I never knew my parents they put me in Qumran boarding school other boys joked about girl friends but I chose the wilderness when I began crowds came took baptism sat listened to my teaching suddenly saw who he was called him Christ and I began my decreasing heavy boots undid the lock Herodias wants your neck this is it John the end was sharp he took my head to the dancer and she gave it to her mother (taken from Mark 6:14-29, Luke 1:7, 80, John 3:22-30)


we met at work and yet I want my family my husband adulterous I went trembling to my pastor he listened touched my hand then declared Jesus' word I forgive you ask the Spirit for perfect love next time I lay with my lover love made me love the man his wife his kids and mine so we parted amicably


to my taste sex is secret the forbidden would marry if only it could continue superficial I cannot face being known inner thoughts lying naked with another must escape transparency (based on Genesis 2:25)


for communion she came knelt beside me yet she knows they call me gay which is truth and yet untrue for if you ask I may not be what they assume later we met talked freely over dinner intimate I took her home she kissed me without asking for anything I cannot give to a sister


it was the day of reckoning I owed him a million I can't think where it went he ordered me my wife and the kids to be sold so I went and fell down on my knees be patient I implored I will repay everything which I couldn't he cancelled the whole debt I saw Joel who owed me twenty bucks so I grabbed his throat and demanded repayment he pleaded but I had him jailed for debt (taken from Matthew 18:23-34)


they pushed me off the mountain slowly circled the updraft overcoming my gravity the I forgot a simple rule turned to look at her farm nestled down in the valley quiet sudden my gravity took me over falling faster out of control I landed hard a wing crumpled body shaking vowed never to glide again but then today I soared high


I knew the rat would squeal on me so I squeezed on the trigger they decided I was guilty it was the end by hanging so my thoughts turned to God just in case he got me off but I could see there was no way to butter him out of wrath my last request was a letter to his widow I said sorry here I come O Lord my God my neck pulled and all was well I looked down at the chaplain praying over my dead body and now I see how God's wrath is the flip side of his love


she had called to tell me he was hers wasn't it time to give him up horror shocks devastated my confident home building for the children when I prayed strength came from unknown resources to love the guy very slowly discovered what distracted him to stray from my nest we opened rawed wounds shared heart experiences I never knew the phone rang I was ready to thank her for renewing my marriage


the conference was tedious women chatter big speakers deliberate I wanted home packed my bag before the end hitch hiked to the airport at the exit she was radiant glad to see me I don't want to leave again


when I came to my radical mastectomy was painful but far worse dark thoughts unthinkable will my husband love his wife half a woman find another for his loving how can you God be so brutal


as a baby I had plenty of cuddling on her breast in his arms as a child I had romping with my brother play fighting like a puppy in my teens wanted to kiss hugging tight imagining it was love but then hugging leads to sex which isn't what I want most of the time (suggested by John 13:34, 1 Peter 4:8, 5:14)


he didn't fit our Pharisee tradition but you don't condemn a man before hearing him in person he reclined on the couch and enjoyed my good dinner but a woman from the street kneeled by him wet his feet with her tears curly hair for a towel as a friend massaged him with ointment he kept talking holy things drank my wine unconcerned how can he be so ignorant of her trade he said Simon I said Rabbi and he told a parable when forgiven who will love the forgiver my guests all muttered does he claim to forgive so easily sinful women from the street (taken from Luke 7:36-50)


when I knew she suspected my absences a bracelet did the trick but then I had to buy her a new camel and the other a silk gown it is harder every day to satisfy the jealousy of two women


I was bankrupt destitute we buried our ten children the same day my skin itching pussy sores they put me out as a leper by the dump My wife told me I had better quit religion why serve God who doesn't care then my friends sat silently seven days diagnosing my condition I needed faith and repentance for some sin I must dig up and confess miserable comforters then came God reminded me who he was now finally I am mending broken pieces even pray for my friends (Taken from Job 1 & 2, 38-42)


any touching is terribly unhygienic you never know what microbes may be passing so I wrote a love kiss on a card and left it at her door to say goodnight she tore it up and dumped me which shows women are so illogical (suggested by Alan W. Watts' reference to a paper kiss in The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, 1966)


I was taken from my mother and I was fed twelve years in his house I gave him thirty kittens and I hunted garden birds which upset him so I played with his kids chasing balls till I lost my energy he picked me in his arms and drove me to the white coated man (in memory our cat Nika who got diabetes from our pampering, and I had to take her to be put to sleep)


I knew James from grade ten and my husband works with John they invited us to dinner we arrived awkwardly hardly knowing what to expect James cooked gourmet salmon and they played Bach duets next Sunday both men came to our church and liked it till somebody accused them of being gay