Parable Poems

by Robert Brow



too soon tired you left me I didn't know you were dying at the service they missed you reminded me of our loving that woman said God will meet every need but she lied breakfast like a morgue supper will be even worse amputated dismembered I am chopped in pieces


I got talking to a fellow as we danced he asked aren't you a Christian I told him I had never had anything to do with that bunch of idiots when I got home I broke down skipped church on Sunday but it didn't bother God much more than Simon Peter (based on Mark 14:66-22)


christmas cheer is love joy peace by abiding in the vine as the spirit forms fruit on my branch for the father to prune it so its yields very much more (written for Christ Church, Cataraqui, December 1996)


my vision saw Jerusalem French and Black Yellow Polish Bantu Scottish Cambodian and Inuit bring their glory there's no more male or female the best wine kept till now to harmonise our melodies (taken from Revelation 21:9-10, 22-26)


I noticed his attention a skirt slit to her thigh the cleavage she was clever down the road yes jealousy sulky silent politeness icy sharp looking hurt till he pleads for my favour forgive me Lord why shouldn't he be attracted to a sister mutual friend a child of God my family I have him here in my home if he thinks of her cleavage my own breast will satisfy the fantasy (based on Proverbs 5:18-19)


I was sailing a gusty day close to wind water swirling along the deck I had keeled almost over and pictured the capsizing with my friends Kim widowed orphan children I eased up spilled some wind put in a reef made for home


I ran around chasing mares rolled lazy in the sun till she said I have chosen you to bridle saddle your back for the show I didn't know what was ahead or I would have kicked her teeth the water jump terrified me but she walked me gently in a stream the day came I felt nerves her legs tight in my side the crowd hushed then clapping as they pinned the cockade on my bridle


I enjoy her comfortable after many life hurts she can cope with silence and life's unanswered questions as a friend she can tease my stuffiness even flirt saucily not expecting to be bedded or to threaten my family


I was early for the hiring got a job moving rocks in Simon's vineyard in the heat of the day he went out hired others and at three hired some more we lined up and he paid me the same wage as the others I complained but he said you got paid what we agreed I can give to the others just as much as I choose (taken from Matthew 20:1-16)


he was looking at my eyes and a glance at my figure a compliment in middle age we held hands embarrassed not knowing what to say as we sensed the chemistry Mary you know I love my wife you your husband we are friends we don't need adultery so we laughed at each other for puppy love like our kids


I love cooking aromas fill the house French cooking and exotic recipes the best cook in town I prefer sex to be plain ungarnished without spice or sauciness but I wonder if he finds it rather dull


I was chained to my dog house angry fierce ready to bark at strangers they took him in for the children to laugh play roll him over stroke his tum it would take time to sweeten me but he is gentle wags his tail so easily


I need power plain hard cash psychology is useful brute force to cause pain for my pleasure the sweet taste is love feigned to enslave the gullible force a woman into cringing in terror loving is weak submission like that Jesus crucifixion is excellent for vapid men if I can watch as for heaven I hate the smell of flowers little children happy dancing races loving instead of war can't kill God but at least I'm freed to enforce the opposite (based on John 3:19-21)


God's a crutch I argued till my father dropped dead on my birthday He never was a churchgoer now he's gone what to do with a body so I told the undertaker burn it dump it whichever is cheapest so the matter was finished but it wasn't getting drunk made it worse till I called a minister and a service has settled me and my dad


it's a boy I held him in my arms talked to him he replied with his crying he smiled to say happy finally he said mama then in time he learned no picked up sentences questions lies excuses gutter words very slowly the language of my life I heard God uncertainly I replied with my crying very slowly I picked up words from His Word went doubting into love


my Alberto loved the curve of our thigh many shapes of our breast he painted us coy demure very often I was model voluptuous when he needed a new beauty for a sitting he asked me to arrange it we were married fifty years always faithful to me the love of his life (From the Time Magazine obituary of Alberto Vargas, 1897-1983)


I wasn't old but the joys had been squeezed from my life I took a turn off 401 to fill gas in a village street dancing closed my way a buxom kid grabbed my hand can you waltz she asked me as the fiddlers changed the tune when I got home Mary asked how business had gone that day next evening I took her out and we danced a Strauss waltz she was puzzled I explained a village kid saved my life


why on earth did she talk me into dating this strange man is he older immature sickly spotted Black White Yellow or a creep out to collect a new scalp for his toupee he might take me to his mother or go visit his apartment I decided to stand him up and again changed my mind could he be mister right I didn't hear his Christian name then suddenly he greeted me I am Jesus glad to meet you


after siesta Jerusalem was at my feet when by the well I saw her wash breasts legs fit for a king so I took her a month later came the message I am with child I got her man out from the war made him drunk but he wouldn't go to his wife so I ordered his general put him out front in the attack which succeeded till my prophet pointed at me you are the man I am rotten a hollow king can God forgive adultery and murder restore me to sanity to sanity


snow had fallen as I backed a car parked invisible in the wrong place was dented I was tempted to drive away with good reason but decided to leave a note in the wiper a week later the phone rang unpleasantly you realize you have wrecked my Chevrolet she could have paid her share for being parked illegally but she didn't I paid the bill


she never said I please her or praised me for anything I consider significant I remained for duty sake till suddenly the dam broke I explained I wanted out she assumed a mean woman was the cause she was right she divorced me long ago


I like facts weigh measured statistical no poetry I loved maths and chemistry took medicine anatomy heart surgery one night tired after work I sat looking across the lake the moon shining a student friend unexpected gave me roses said I love you so I checked blood pressure temperature examined his throat chest without symptoms I concluded the man needed psychiatry I went home half wondering what he meant by the word love but my books had no such word I concluded love is nothing more than chemistry


got married a week ago he is snoring like a dragon after eating the heroine a stallion grizzly bear timber wolf crocodile roaring lion rhinoceros any lady would leave the animal but I like him just as he is will he change as I tame him


orioles and peacocks butterflies things bright and beautiful God made them cardinals tropical fish a pair of loons coral beds giant panda koala bear he also made men and women and gave them unlimited color shape of apparels from nakedness to wedding dress blue tuxedo crinoline grass skirt tennis shorts sari toga gown and hood judge¹s wig or bikini why should I drab my dress to discourage attention


we explored over the dune find a beach for sunbathing discovered children digging playing naked in the sand a teenager with new breasts threw a ball at my husband men and women soak the sun my bikini felt obscene would God want Eden again Adam and Eve unashamed God can cope but we couldn't so we hurried to decency