Parable Poems

by Robert Brow



it was love at first sight
I opened like a flower
to the point of his loving

the next day he cut me dead
making a play for the next one
I decided men would dance
to my acid rock hard


I was moping surly bored
saw her sail across the lake
her figure balancing

want a sail she asked
never did it I replied
she jumped off made me try

after falling eighty times
I sailed out and back again
and she danced excitedly


I was looking at the crabs
sea trivia on the shore
till ecstasy made me dance
to the music of the waves

then a couple came closer
so I put on the decorum
why did you stop they called
we had thought of joining in


I don't know the bastards
that denied me family
I got parents who adopted
to improve my behaviour

to shatter their designs
my bad grades hauled
them up on the carpet
of the school psychologist

when finally I was locked
behind bars to keep them out
I knew freedom to think pray
why are parents so awful

God said he invented them
why did I get so bad a deal
he said that he was dealer
I said okay I can take it

I can't stand life at home
but I honour the parents
who raised me even feel
for the sinful bastards


feeling my age I sat looking
at the far Himalayas
oh great artist I want to know
who you are forgive the past
give me hope for the future

then I heard the avalanche
that killed me and I watched
a Christian missionary
feel my hand said gloomily
I came too late to save his soul


he lectured against
Victorian inhibitions
birds are not to be caged
we humans must be free
he took me in I took him in

he felt free to play rock
full blast in the night
did his best in my cage
to seduce my daughter
till I was freed to evict him


at the wedding it went well
till she came to warn me
they are pouring the last skin

I remembered the creation
drawing water into vines
grapes sweetening for harvest

so they filled the water pots
the best man a connoiseur
was impressed with the vintage


my dear mother hated yellow
whacked me when I picked

aged fifteen I secretly
went bought frilly yellow

when she died I wore yellow
from the casket fluttered
a canary


I passed by Bill's garden
immaculate a carnation
invited me to its scent
wondered about taking
it home to my wife
I looked up embarrassed
but Bill seemed pleased
that his flower was admired


I noticed her long legs
and the shape of her blouse
intended to pass her by
but her eyes caught mine
as if we knew each other
how are you I asked
I was fine she answered
till you looked so rudely


under the bench my hand touched
gum that stuck a mourner there
while preached the droning on

life chewed away my mint
can God renew the savour