Autobio 2000

A Personal View of the Twentieth Century

by Robert Brow  Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 2000

Appendix A


Corrections and additions to this genealogy can be sent to Bob Brow. There is apparently no connection with the Brows of Nova Scotia who changed their name from Breault. Our line of Brows came from the village or hamlet of Brow just southeast of Dumfries, just over the border into Scotland. The village was west of Annan and near the church of Ruthwell with its Runic Cross carved about 700 AD. In an e-mail dated 26 August 1998 Richard Brow reported that he visited the area and "all that remains is a few houses and an old well called 'Brow Well' that the poet Robert Burns is known to have drunk from in his dying days. The village can be found on old maps from the late 1800s and I even found an old etching of the actual village."

Information - mostly taken from a old Family Bible

George BROW (1766 - ), handloom weaver, married Susan Johnstone (1771 - ).
They had two sons James BROW (25 Aug 1794) and William BROW.
William BROW (5 April 1798 - 4 June 1872), handloom weaver, married Janet
GLENDENNING (16 Dec 1796 - 26 Dec 1868 ) and died a pauper at Annan.
They had ten children.

James BROW (11 Dec 1822 -) cousin of Francis BROW, Geneva, NY State (?)
John BROW (11 April 1824 -)
Elizabeth BROW (18 June 1826 -)
Jannet BROW (18 May 1828 -)
Alexander BROW (18 April 1830 - )
Mary BROW (8 June 1833 - )
George BROW (18 April 1835-1879) was my great grandfather
Margaret BROW (19 Dec 1837)
William BROW( Dec 1839 - )
Helen BROW (1845 - )

George BROW (18 Apr 1835 - 9 April 1879) married Jane (or Jean ?) FISHER
(20 Feb 1839 - 8 June 1913) and they had six children

David Fisher BROW (23 Sept 1864 - 17 Sep 1949)who was my grandfather.
Jannet Elizabeth Fisher BROW (27 SEP 1866 - )
William BROW (26 Sep 1869 - 5 April 1871)
George BROW (31 Mar 1871 - )
Jane Little BROW (26 Apr 1874 - 3 Apr 1917)
Mary Glendinning BROW (19 Dec 1875 - )

David Fisher BROW (23 Sep 1864 in Carlisle - 17 Sep 1949 in Reading ), was married 6 Aug. 1890 to Wilhelmina Jane Douglas URQUHART (12 Oct 1869 in Kirkdale, Liverpool -1 August 1939 in Reading)
They moved to Dartford, where he was (the first ?) Director of Education for the County of Kent. They had two sons and a daughter

David Barrington BROW (born 14 August 1891 - died 1951) who was my father.
Winifred Douglas Brow (16 June 1895 - ) married Major Johnson, and lived in Church Stretton, and then in Reading. They had three daughters Delphine JOHNSON (16 April 1923), Jean JOHNSON (15 Sept 1926), & Cecilia JOHNSON (21 March 1932).

Keith Phorson BROW (20 May 1901 -) married Mary (Molly) BROMFIELD.
He became the County Surveyor of Berkshire, and they lived in Caversham.
They had three sons, David BROW, Andrew BROW, & James BROW, my cousins. David BROW (8 Oct 1930 ) married Loelia, and they live at Lea Bank, Westerfield, Ipswich, IP6 9AJ, England. They have three sons and a daughter .
Jeremy Hugh BROW (19 Sept 1960), Robert Matthew BROW (6 Jan 1963), Alastair James BROW (20 Feb 1966) married Amanda, son Harvi BROW, & Elizabeth Catherine BROW (25 Sept 1978 ).
Andrew BROW (28 Feb 1933 ) second son of Keith BROW also lives in England.
James BROW (15 May 1937) youngest son of Keith BROW is a professor of Anthropology in Texas, MARRIED Judy, daugher Ranjani BROW & Geoffrey BROW.

David Barrington BROW (14 Aug 1891-1951), son of David Fisher BROW, married Anne Louise FRANCHOMME (19 November 1900 -) on 23 Sept 1922 in London, England, and they had a son and two daughters.
Robert Charles Douglas BROW (30 Aug 1924 - ) that's me.
Denise BROW (27 April 1931) married Roger WRIGHT. They lived in White Plains, NY, then moved to Old Lyme, Connecticut.
Jacqueline BROW (2 February, 1933) married William BREWER and they live in Warwick, Bermuda.

Robert Charles Douglas BROW (that's me) was born in Karachi (30 Aug 1924 - ) & married Mollie E. Tarrant (17 January 1926 - ) on 22 Dec 1953 in Raxaul, Bihar, North India, where she was a nurse-midwife. We have two daughers and two sons. Rachel Mary BROW (1 Jul 1955) married L.Gregory BLOOMQUIST, and they have four children. Julia, Kristen, Laura, & Jonathan.
Peter Hudson BROW (3 Nov 1956) married Colleen GRIFFIN (30 Nov 1961), daughter of Gerald & Nula GRIFFIN, and they live North Vancouver, B.C. where he is a Chartered Accountant with Van City. They have two sons Evan BROW (born June 16, 93) and Spencer BROW. Timothy Graham BROW (3 Aug 1960) has a son Jazmin BROW (15 Feb 1991). Susanne Elizabeth BROW (26 Oct 1962) married Andrew STEWART (3 Mar 1961) and they have three daughters, Sarah (29 Jan 1991), Rachel (16 Sep 1992) and Andrea (9 Dec 1994).


(as reported by Miss Bernice BROW and Richard Brow)

William BROW, born in Gretna, County Dumfires, moved to Canada with the Militia in 1831. He had two sons born in Canada. George BROW & Ephraim Rigg BROW
Ephraim Rigg BROW, was born in Canada, and moved Prince Edward Island, Canada . He had three children, Dr. George Raymond (Ray) BROW, Miss Bernice BROW of Prince Edward Island, and James BROW
Dr George Raymond BROW moved from PEI to Montreal. He had three sons and three daughters born in Montreal. One of the sons , Dr. Jim BROW lives in Waterloo, Ontario (?) and has two sons, David BROW and Greg BROW.
Another son (?) BROW had two sons , Richard BROW & George Raymond (Ray) BROW.
Richard BROW was born in Sept-Isles, Quebec, grew up in Montreal , and moved to London, England 1994..
George Raymond (Ray) Brow (III) moved back to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He has two sons, William BROW and Stephen BROW..


Louis FRANCHOMME (DIED 1891) apparently came from France to begin the family business, Franchomme & Cie., in Brussels, Belgium. He had four sons, Henri, Louis, Emile, Paul.
Louis FRANCHOMME (1833- ) had three sons, Emile, Fernand, Charles.
Charles FRANCHOMME (1869 - ) was my maternal grandfather.
He married Louise Van Halteren, and had three children, Jacques, George, and my mother Anne was born 19 Nov. 1900, she married David Barrington Brow (1891-1951) on 23 September , 1922, and died 12 July 1977. She had three children,Robert Brow (30th August 1924), Denise Wright (27th April 1931), Jackie Brewer (February 2nd, 1933).
Appendix B