Sexist Jokes

by Robert Brow


Sexist jokes are no longer politically correct but I can't resist the temptation :

    A couple were driving across Canada. When she leaned on the door, she fell out, and the door closed again. Twenty minutes later a police officer flagged him down. "My man, did you realize your wife had fallen out of the car?" He put his hand up to his right ear, and said "Thank God, I thought I had gone deaf."

    A British district officer in Burma had seen that the local men walked in front, and women walked behind to market with a load on their head. After the end of the war he went back and was astonished to find the women walking in front and the men behind them. "How come you have had such rapid social change? How did the women get so liberated?" he asked, but no one would answer him. Finally an old man explained, "When the Japanese war ended there were a lot of unexploded land mines."

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