Sex Jokes

by Robert Brow


Sex may be enjoyable, but it is also ridiculous.

    A man got into a railway compartment alone with a woman. They sat in silence as the train chugged across the Russian steppes. After the first day he said "You come from Omsk?" She said "Niet." At the end of the second day he said, "You come from Tomsk?" She said "Niet." At the end of the third day he said "Enough of this luve making, streep."

    Mollie's father used to tell about a couple on their honeymoon. He tried to hug her, but she said "Don't start any of that stuff. Keep your hands off me, you dirty- minded beast."

    President Calvin Coolidge was visiting a farm with his wife. As they watched a bull mounting one cow after another, she said "Look what virility!" He answered "But look what variety!"

    After making love a man asked "Did I hurt you?" She said "No, dear, why?"   He said "You moved."

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