by Robert Brow ( Kingston, Ontario December 2007


Theology is the study of alternative visions (models) of God’s dealings with us. Currently some of the main alternatives being discussed are :

God’s Oneness as Unitarian, as opposed to an organic Oneness of three Persons

The Son of God merely a part of the Father’s Oneness, as opposed to being fully God

Wrath as God’s purpose to condemn some to an eternal hell, as opposed to bad consequences in this life

A Second Coming some time in the future, as opposed to the Lord’s coming again and again among all nations and individuals

At death the corpse awaits the resurrection, as opposed to the resurrection body going immediately into the Lord’s presence

The church in each city being a gathering of the saved, as opposed to a means of teaching disciples

SRA offers a set of tools that help us clarify each set of alternatives. In each case we look at the main texts and use SRA to see the implications of either alternative, or perhaps point us in the direction of another model.


Robert Brow

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