PETROU, Michael "It's OK to kill non-Muslims," Ottawa Citizen, Monday November 18, 2002.

by Robert Brow  (

As far as I know this is the first time one of our newspapers has printed an example of what is preached in a fundamentalist mosque. These are the words of Sheikh Abu Hamza who was banned by the British Government from preaching in London's Finsbury Park mosque:

"If a kafir person (non-believer) goes in a Muslim country, he is like a cow. Anybody can take them and sell them in the market. If a kafir is walking by and you catch him, he's booty. You can sell him in the market. Most of them are spies. And even if they don't do anything, if Muslims cannot take them and sell them in the market, you just kill them. It's OK."

Michael Petrou says he questioned Sheikh Abu Hamzahim about his words on the videos which were posted on <>   The Sheikh apparently said he can't be accused of inciting people to commit violent acts because he's a cleric who only preaches Muslim law. "I say the reality that's in the Muslim books anyway. Whether I say it or not, it's in the books."

Obviously these are not the opinions of most Muslims here in Canada, but we need to be assured that if ever there is a hint of any such preaching in Canadian mosques our moderate Muslim friends will inform the police, and the government will act as they have done in England.

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