PERCY, Harold "Five megashifts for a renewed church" reported by Kate Dubinski, Kingston Whig Standard, June 3, 2002

At the 140th anniversary of the Diocese of Ontario, Harold Percy (Holy Trinity, Streetsville) gave five shifts that we need for .....

"The Future Ain't what it used to be."

1. A shift from taking care of people into developing people

2. A shift from teaching about God into helping people experience God

3. A shift from giving rules into coaching people into a personal relationship with God

4. A shift from congregation to community

5. A shift from focusing on our church to focusing on the world

    The third shift was defined as the move from OUGHT TO to HOW TO. And like any good sermon, that got me thinking about some of the HOW TO help that we so badly need. How do I love my wife, my kids, my friends, my old parents, my enemies, my fellow church members? How do I deal with my sex life, anger, depression, failure, sickness, discouragement, loneliness? How do I pray, read the Bible, talk to friends about faith? Alcoholics Anonymous would be a disaster if they just preached "You OUGHT TO be sober." They succeed by giving the HOW TO of freedom from guilt, brotherly love, and drawing on the higher power that will change us.

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