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Looking back a year later on September 11, what difference has that made to your commitment?
by Robert Brow  (www.brow.on.ca)

That event only shocked those who made the false assumption that all forms of religion are founded on love and respect for others.

While I was away on a holiday in BC  I found that I am committed to the LORD (capital letters in NRSV) of the Psalms. He pictures himself as the King who reigns as Sovereign Lord of Hosts among the nations. He is extremely angry at the oppression of orphans, widows, strangers, the weak and the poor. And he intervenes to exercise fierce wrath against the worship of Baal and other gods who have a quite different agenda in mind. On the other hand he intervenes to exercise steadfast love and vindication for those who turn to him in faith.

It is easy to recognize that he is the same Son of God who took birth among us, defeated death, and began to establish a church in every city to make the good news of his reign among all nations. I cannot prove that he alone is worthy of my love and service. But my commitment makes total sense of my world and my life in particular. I certainly don't need a foundation to prove the validity of my commitment to the Lord of the Psalms and the New Testament.

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