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Question : Why did GOD allow Satan to torture Job? After my Auntie's husband passed away, death really has been bothering me. I can't seem to understand GOD's purposes e.g. why did GOD take away a loving father leaving behind 2 lovely young girls?"

Answer by Robert Brow   (www.brow.on.ca)

In the case of Job we are given some hints as to what is going on behind the scenes (Job 1:6-12) but that does not explain very much. In the case of an early death in a family we have no explanation at all. I think we have to go back to a more basic understanding of death. Death is obviously no problem to God. He invented it as a means for us to pass from this life to heaven. But that still leaves those who are left behind to grieve for many years. As a pastor, I find it is best never to offer some human explanation or try to minimize the pain. Only the Holy Spirit can give the healing that is needed.

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