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A woman is trying to persuade me to join the Jehovah's Witnesses.   How can I answer her ?

by Robert Brow

I find the best approach is to talk about the love of God.

There is not much room for that in Jehovah's Witness teaching. With them you have to earn God's love by your behavior, evangelism, etc. So begin with her own love for her family, and your own commitment to loving others. You can then suggest that God must be more loving than we are.

If she really wants to argue about the Trinity, you can point out that you cannot love alone. . We believe that the three Persons of the Trinity were united by love (e.g. electrons, positrons, and neutrons are a oneness united by atomic force) long before the world was made. A solitary Unitarian God can never be a loving God. You will find this explained more fully in an article about the Trinity on this web site.

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