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Are you suggesting that the study of history is never useful in understanding the bible?
by Robert Brow   (www.brow.on.ca)

I was wrong to suggest that historical information relating to Bible times is never relevant.  I view the study of all history as important for us to be well informed, but  expecially the history that connects with the Bible. I do include some extra-biblical historical facts in my preaching.  i.e. I often mention that Jerusalem and the temple was destroyed by the Roman in AD
70 as Jesus predicted.  When I mention that Jesus used exactly the same portents (sun, moon, stars, powers) as in Isaiah 13 for the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, I might mention that the date for the fall of Babylon is known.

What I denied was that knowing the history of all that went into making a Bible text is relevant to my preaching.  Parents do not need to know how the 900 essential ingredients of mother's milk are produced to enjoy their newborn baby.

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