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Q. My son far away in Australia has just developed lumps on his stomach, which may be malignant. I am terribly worried about him. He has an unhappy marriage, hates his job, and can't move to a better job because of his child. How can I pray for him?

by Robert Brow  February 1999

It sounds as if the lumps may be connected with your son's unhappy marriage and frustration about not being able to move to a more satisfying job. Rather than pray "Lord, heal him," I suggest you take time to visualize every detail of his life and situation (wife, child, job, location, friends, church or no church, your own love and concern) and talk them over (like a heart to heart conversation) with God.

I also find it helpful to invite God the Father to be a father to him, invite God the Son to be a friend and healer for him, and invite God the Holy Spirit to give him wisdom from within so he can see clearly the way ahead. And when you have done that, let them get on with it.

If you have two or three friends or neighbors who pray, why not invite them in to coffee to help you in prayer at this time. They will feel honored to be asked.

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