Articles and Essays

by Robert Brow

Each of the following articles essays and stories is designed to illustrate a model theology approach to some aspect of religion or ethics.  When we find a group of people with beliefs or practices that seem strange to us, it is easy to dismiss them as ignorant or wrong.  A better approach is to ask them to explain the logic of what they consider important, and set this out as a model.  We may then have an opportunity to explain the model we live by.  Having understood each other, we or they might even change our mind.

A model can be explained in an essay, or commended in an article, or illustrated by a story.  Here is a sampling arranged roughly by subject matter.  Where there is an overlap the item might appear in two or more categories.

1. Moral Questions

2. Christian Faith

3. Other Religions

4. Denominations and Missions

5. Reviews and comments

6. Humor Collection

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